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A future for children

Providing humanitarian, material, and organizational assistance to children from large families, low-income single mothers and orphans deprived of parental care, to provide them with all the help they need, including medical and psychological support.


Feel at Home

Providing humanitarian and material assistance to those displaced by the war. Assistance is provided through the provision of food packages and other daily necessities to people in sheltered accommodation.


We are with you 

Providing humanitarian, material, information, and organizational assistance, to children and the elderly in need of medical treatment or surgery.



We are coming to you​

Provide on the ground humanitarian assistance in areas of Ukraine that need food and essentials. 


Our little Friends

Help for animals living in shelters, and with low-income families.


The Children’s dream home 

Creating a modern orphanage that will provide the daily protection and support for those children that require a home.

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