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School of Promise Project

" Charity is the most precious of all virtues, for it fills your soul with an incredible and unparalleled light.”
The ongoing war in Ukraine has taught us not only to appreciate every day, but also to support complete strangers who are in need of help.
To those of you who have been with us since 24th February 2022 and to the increasing numbers who have joined us since, we are grateful to each of you for your precious help with this important project.
Hand in hand with you, our supporters, we will continue to act with strength and courage to help and support the Ukrainian people
Together we are a force!

Make a donation to us by providing Financial or non-financial support for the activities of the "Olena & Jeremy de la Cruz" Charitable Foundation which we will allocate to best support the Foundation's projects.

We are open to proposals from, and will cooperate with, national and foreign partners: non-profit organizations and businesses, that can offer us with assistance in the implementation of our foundation’s projects.

Our mission is "A Future for Children!" Everything we do and invest in today is the foundation of our children's future.

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